O'Hara's LandingRentals

O’Hara’s Landing Marina rents rowboats, small fishing boats with motors, canoes, kayaks, and pontoon boats. We can accommodate from 8 to 14 people on one of our pontoon boats. We supply gasoline and life preservers.

To guarantee the boat of your choice, we recommend reservations. Please be prepared to pay in advance, over the phone, by Visa or Mastercard.

Reservations should be made as soon as possible, especially for a weekend. We have 2 sixteen footers and 5 pontoon boats, and they go quickly.

Rates and Rules:

Canoe or Kayak - $20

14 foot row boat, no motor - $20

14 foot rowboat with motor  - $65 (3 or 4 people depending on weight)

16 foot rowboat with steering wheel and motor - $95 (4 or 5 people depending on weight)

(Above rates are for full day or any part  thereof)

Pontoon boats hold between 8 and 14 people.  Most pontoons can be rented for the entire day, or for a half day, either AM or PM


If you intend to go fishing, please mention that when you call for a reservation, as fishing is not allowed on somel of the pontoon boats.

8 person pontoon - $295 per day. AM rate: $195 (from open until 12:30 PM). PM rate: $245 (1 PM until 6 PM).

10 person pontoon - $395 per day. AM rate: $245 (from open until 12:30 PM). PM rate: $325 (1 PM until 6 PM).

14 person pontoon - $450 per day. Only available for full day.

6.35% tax is added to all fees.
Gas and life preservers are included.

For  availability or reservations, please call 860-824-7583.

Reservations can not be made by email. A credit card is needed to reserve a 16 foot boat or pontoon boat. You may also send a check in advance. 14 foot boats, canoes, and kayaks don't require a credit card.

No boating license is required, but you must have a valid driver's license to rent and drive the boat. Children under 13 must wear life preservers. Anyone in a rowboat or canoe must wear a life preserver between Oct. 31 and May 31.

Cancellation policy - If you cancel by noon on the day preceding your reservation, you will receive a raincheck good for one year.

We open at 6 AM on weekends, and 7 AM week days. All boats are due back at 6 PM.

Hope to see you at the lake!